Hi! My name is SaHara, and I'm the Editor of the Pixie-Hollow-Justice-Sophie Wikia! (:

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My Life in Pixie Hollow as a non-memberEdit

It's not so great... I get bullied around members, and I arrived in December 21, 2012. I use some Secret Codes so I guess I'm okay for now. I'm a editor in this Wikia and I love it (: You should get a job too! :P

Sahara's SPECIAL Secret CodesEdit

Here you go as you asked for it ._.

1. d23 2. style 3. fashion 4. derby 5. tulip 6. acorn 7. daisy 8. lily 9. reverly '10. 767130'11. 495692'12. 106510'13.  902156 


I want the horrible cloning to stop! Please comment on ANY page in Pixie-Hollow-Justice-Sophie Wikia and demand the clones must stop! If we reach 800 comments we will go tell them to the clones! ANYONE WITH ME?!?! WARNING: IF YOU ARE A BULLY ON THE INTERNET, I DEMAND YOU STOP BEING MEAN BECAUSE IT IS SERIOUSLY ANNOYING NOW!!!